SOKTAS for Spyre


Spyre is proud to have collaborated with SØKTAS on several developments over the last 3 years and consider them one of our long-standing project partners. Based locally in Currumbin, SØKTAS supply custom, hand blown lighting that elevate Spyre projects both in individual residences and as feature lighting in communal spaces.





The timeless craftsmanship of SØKTAS lighting can be seen in unprecedented projects across South East Queensland. The silica sand used to produce glass for SØKTAS is sourced from Sweden due to its clarity. 


Working the runny honey-like glass at temperatures of 1000°C, the glass is shaped in distinctive curves using free-form techniques that rely on the artisan’s eye to hand sculpt each piece.





Spyre projects that currently feature SØKTAS lighting include Glasshouse, Arc Residences, Moray House and Cala Dei. 



Our Natura project in Burleigh Heads which was completed in 2022, featured SØKTAS’ signature Coral Wall Lights in the master ensuites, elevating the design detail in these spaces to the next level.




31 May 2023

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