A Trip to Italy with Gessi


Spyre is proud to partner with Abey, who for over 67 years, has been synonymous with quality and innovation, bringing the latest designs and technology to Australia. With over 3500 products, their range is a result of consistent and on-going product development with a primary focus on quality.





In June, Abey invited designers and developers from across Australia to join them on a trip to Italy to meet their collaborating tapware partner, Gessi. Jacqueline Hayek from Spyre joined Abey on this incredible trip, meeting the brand’s founding italian family.


The group toured the Gessi HQ Serravallo Seia Showroom in the heart of Milan city. The visionary showroom celebrated the exciting launch of two new Gessi ranges. The showroom featured futuristic installations, displaying the tapware as true works of art.






The factory tour provided the group with profound insights into the meticulous journey of Gessi’s product creation, from inception through to its place in Spyre’s projects. Each facet of the manufacturing process gleamed with excellence, culminating in the privilege of witnessing Gessi’s skilled artisans delicately brushing the tapware by hand – a true testament to their craftsmanship.  ”


Jacqueline Hayek
Interior Design Coordinator, Spyre


At the end of the trip the group dined with the original Gessi family, hosted at their family holiday house at Casa Gessi – Ranco on Lake Maggiore. 




31 August 2023

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